Rachael Dobson

Rachael Dobson

Doctor of Physical Therapy


Rachael Dobson, PT, DPT

Location: SPT-Bellevue

I am originally from Rensselaer, Indiana (aka a place no one here has ever heard of.) I have two parents, a sister, and a cat niece who I love to spoil that are all back in Indiana. The funny thing about being from Indiana is that no one really knows where it is on a map, so it’s fun to figure who knows their USA geography and who doesn’t. I am a recent newlywed to my husband Curt, who I have been with since 2014.  He’s a pretty cool guy, and I figured I’d keep him around! I love traveling and immediately moved out of the Midwest once I finished PT school in Indiana. We’ve lived in Madison, Wisconsin and Dallas, Texas together before finally making our move out to Washington! I’ve been to 13 states, 3 countries outside of the U.S., and want to travel even more. I’m just your average mystery novel reading, true crime podcast obsessed, cat loving, Netflix binge kind of gal who loves her friends and family. One of my biggest talents is surprising people by knowing quite a lot of songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s (thanks Dad). It’s always funny because then they have to quiz me on who the artist is! A fun fact about me is that I am very good at “The Office” tv show trivia, boarding along the lines of being a problem. One thing that I’m not so great at that I would love to be better at is singing. I CAN sing, but that doesn’t mean I SHOULD sing!  I love talking with new people, hearing about where they come from, and what is important to them. I will give my patients the best care that I am able to provide, and will continue to keep working with them until they have reached their goals! I can’t wait to get to know you, and work with you to get you back to your version of normal!


The University of Indianapolis, B.S. in Exercise Science

Indiana University, Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Professional Memberships:

American Physical Therapy Association

Beyond Therapy:

2nd place in “The Office” trivia at the Stacked Pickle in Indianapolis, IN

Personal Quote:

“I am not only here for your physical ailments. I am also here to be a person who will truly listen to what you have to say, and do my best to implement treatments catered to these needs. We are a team!” -Rachael