Tonya Gaylor

Tonya Gaylor

Lead Front Office Coordinator


Tonya Gaylor

LOCATION: SPT – Bellevue

Originally from Bellingham, a Washington native that has bounced around from Edmonds to Bellevue and cities in between.  I grew up playing about every sport, but basketball was by far my favorite.  I even have all the trading cards to prove it!

I currently am a single Mom, raising 2 beautiful daughters, Isabella and Jasmine. They are 2 very energetic, fun-loving girls that keep me on my toes! We also have had many different kinds of pets, but currently only have a Chihuahua name Radar. For the past 20 years or so, I have found my passion for weight training, running, and living a healthy lifestyle.  I’ve had many mentors over the years that have taught me so much, but ultimately most of my knowledge has been self-taught.  I believe balance in everything is the key to a healthy, happy lifestyle.  I also love meeting new people and building new relationships, as I always can take something away from it.  I have a true desire to help people, which is why I love working in the medical and health/wellness field.  Helping others inevitably helps me, so it’s a win-win!

Personal Quote:

‘I believe in learning from our mistakes.  If you aren’t learning, you aren’t growing. And never let fear dictate your life.’ -Tonya