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IRG offers continued education and mentorship programs

Courses and Continuing Education

IRG Physical & Hand Therapy is dedicated to providing resources as well as cutting-edge training and distinctive education that professionals can utilize to advance their knowledge. We understand the importance of continuing education in physical, hand and occupational therapy training.

We offer a wide variety of educational seminars.

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  • Gray Institute: Functional Lower Extremity
  • AMSI – American Musculoskeletal Institute
  • Mulligan Advanced
  • Gray Institute: Functional Upper Extremity
  • AMSI – American Musculoskeletal Institute
  • LSVT Big

IRG Mentorship Programs

New grads, this is a great learning environment & career opportunity!

The IRG INSTITUTE provides a comprehensive mentorship program for our clinicians, structured to improve your differential diagnosis and treatment techniques.  Mentorship provides you the opportunity to discuss pertinent patient cases, anatomy, functional movement, biomechanics, clinical reasoning, patient problems, literature review and treatment techniques.  You will also have the opportunity to learn special testing and skilled measurement techniques.
Highly-skilled clinicians teach relevant, up-to-date therapy techniques involving manual and therapeutic exercise intervention.  Study materials, professional handouts and videos are provided to further enhance your mentorship development.  Subjects covered have included: muscle energy techniques, enhancing  effectiveness with pediatric patients, training the injured worker for return to work, developing an effective exercise program using sound strengthening principals, gait assessment, and rehabilitating the throwing athlete.  Additional topics have focused on differential diagnostics and rehabilitation for the unstable shoulder, ACL injury prevention and sports metrics differential diagnosis for the knee and systematic rehabilitation concepts.


The IRG INSTITUTE mentorship program is under the direct leadership of Tyra Malmborg-O’Kelley, MPT, Coordinator of Clinical Education.