Biceps Tendonitis

Biceps Tendonitis


Biceps tendonitis is an inflammation, irritation or tissue destruction of the upper biceps tendon, which can result in pain to the frontal portion of the elbow.


During various activities using the upper extremities, high repetition and tension of the biceps can cause damage, followed by degeneration and inflammation to the joint. Repetitive and prolonged activities which require high strain on the biceps can lead to this condition.


Common symptoms of biceps tendonitis include stiffness and loss of range of motion of the elbow joint, pain, inflammation and swelling or loss of strength.


Rest, especially from the activities that caused the symptoms to flare up

Ice and use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or acetaminophen

Physical therapy, including stretching and strengthening, to regain a balanced range of motion without stiffness or pain

Surgery should be considered if these treatment fail to provide improvement or relief after three months.