Andrew Spens

Andrew Spens

Certified Athletic Trainer


Andrew Spens, LAT, ATC


My name is Andrew Spens, I grew up in a military family so I’m technically a nomad, but I originate from Honolulu Hawaii. I received  my bachelor’s degree in athletic training from Washington State University. I am an avid sports fan and love to watch pretty much any of them. I am a die hard Coug, and will give folks a hearty “GO COUGS” as a greeting. In my spare time I enjoy going out with my fiance and exploring new restaurants. In addition to this I love working out and playing soccer, but enjoy all sorts of athletics, and try to make a competition out of most things. This competitive nature is what fuels my desire to help people heal and get the most out of themselves.


Washington State University

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Employee of the month 08/2020

Beyond Therapy

Athletic Training

Soccer Player

Weight Lifter

Amateur Cook

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“I try to live my life in a way that is energetic, fun, and in joyous. It is my hope that this positive energy will be spread to others.” -Andrew