Mariah Luedtke

Mariah Luedtke

Exercise Specialist


Mariah Luedtke


Hi all! I’m Mariah, a born and raised pacific northwest-er. Sister to one older brother and two older stepsisters, I am the baby of the family! Any sport you can name, I have likely competed in it at some point or time in my 22 years of life. Volleyball is my favorite sport I have ever played, where I played as a setter and a defensive specialist. Hockey is my favorite sport to watch, especially my big brother who plays professionally overseas. I am currently working towards my BS in kinesiology with a specialization in sport psychology, then I am going on to get my MS in athletic training. Those who are a part of my world would likely tell you that I am the most competitive person they have ever met, considering the UNO games in my family can get pretty intense. I enjoy swimming in the lake in all types of weather, petting any dog I come across, and reading every book I can get my hands on (except textbooks, because you know… textbooks). I am passionate about helping and giving to others, as well as providing the means for people to improve mentally and physically. I have a special place in my heart for the SPT family and any person who comes through our doors will find themselves a part of that family.


Shoreline Community College

Western Washington University

Selected Accomplishments/Awards/Accolades:

 Academic Excellence, Northwest Athletic Conference

Most Inspirational, Space Needle Volleyball Foundation

Career and Technical Student of the Month, Alderwood-Terrace Rotary

Beyond Therapy:

Professional listener

Experienced dog lover

Skilled cartwheel-er

Personal Quote:

“Mindset first, actions second. I have always believed that your actions follow your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. That being said, to make a change, you have to start with your mind first and then the action will follow.”  – Mariah