Serena McClellan

Serena McClellan

Front Office Coordinator


Serena McClellan


Hello! My name is Serena McClellan and I am the Front Office Coordinator. When I’m not at work, I spend my time having fun with friends and family! I love to rollerblade, hike, and exercise. I am a music lover who plays the piano and sings (when no one is around). I love to blast Electronic Pop, R&B, and Indie music in my bedroom while I, what I like to call, dance. I have two loving Halloween black cats named Lotus and Lavender. They are my pride and joy! I love helping others, whether that means listening, giving advice, or simply being there. Everyone’s mind is a universe and I love learning what makes a person who they are. I cannot wait to meet and work for you on your physical therapy journey!


Western Washington University 

Selected Accomplishments: 

Bachelor of Science in Pre-Healthcare Kinesiology

Personal Quote:

“My greatest satisfaction is to work as a team with my clients so that they may achieve their goals. In doing so they leave feeling physically and emotionally empowered to continue to live to their fullest potential.” -Serena