Month: October 2023


Why Does My Neck Hurt After Snowboarding?

The frosty air, the untouched snow shimmering in the morning light, and the thrill of descending down the slopes — snowboarding is an activity that many eagerly await as winter approaches. But while this exhilarating sport provides countless moments of joy, it can also present its set of challenges — particularly the baffling question: “Why […]

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Snow Injuries

5 Tips You Need To Hear To Avoid Injuries This Snow Season

As winter approaches, the excitement for snow sports approaches with it! The thrill of speeding down the slopes is like no other. Yet, amid the exhilaration, there’s a sobering reality—we need to be proactive in preventing injuries that could potentially put a damper on our winter fun. Can you imagine spending Christmas Day injured in […]

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