Why Does My Neck Hurt After Snowboarding?


The frosty air, the untouched snow shimmering in the morning light, and the thrill of descending down the slopes — snowboarding is an activity that many eagerly await as winter approaches. But while this exhilarating sport provides countless moments of joy, it can also present its set of challenges — particularly the baffling question:

“Why does my neck hurt after snowboarding?”

Imagine this scenario: You’ve just had one of the most thrilling runs of your life.

The surface was perfect, your moves were on point, but as the day progresses, a nagging pain develops in your neck.

By evening, every turn of your head becomes a challenge, interrupting your well-earned rest and those cheerful after-ski moments with friends.

Sound familiar?

In this blog you will delve into why your neck hurts after skiing and the role of physical therapy in relieving this pain.

Ready, set, go…

Why Does It Happen? Three Culprits Behind Neck Hurt After Snowboarding

Improper Posture and Technique:

Ever heard the saying, “It’s not just what you do, but how you do it?”

This couldn’t be truer for snowboarding.

An improper stance or consistently looking uphill can strain the muscles in your neck. Add the gravitational pull when you’re descending, and you’ve got a recipe for discomfort.

Ensuring you maintain a balanced posture and adopt techniques that prevent overextension can be game-changing.

Impact From Falls:

Consider yourself a skiing pro?

Let’s be honest. Even the best snowboarders take a tumble now and then.

Depending on how you land, the shock from a fall can jolt or twist your neck, leading to muscle strains or even more severe injuries like whiplash.

It’s not just the fall; it’s the sudden stop, especially if your neck isn’t braced for it.

Helmet and Gear Issues:

Do you ever risk wearing an ill-fitted helmet?

Your safety gear is there to protect you, but if not correctly fitted, it can be a source of pain.

Helmets that are too tight or positioned incorrectly can force your neck into an uncomfortable alignment, especially during long rides.

Physical Therapy: Ending Neck Hurt After Snowboarding

Thankfully, while neck pain can put a dampener, there is a road to recovery, and it begins with physical therapy.

Let me explain how physical therapy can help relieve your neck pain.

Personalized Assessment:

One foundation of  physical therapy is recognizing that each snowboarder’s experience with pain is unique.

A thorough assessment is needed.

Through a detailed evaluation of movement patterns, posture, and pain points, physical therapists can identify the underlying causes of neck discomfort.

This assessment goes beyond just the present pain; it takes into account past injuries, daily activities, and even the subtle differences of an individual’s snowboarding style.

Targeted Exercises:

When your neck become strained or injured, especially during intense activities like snowboarding, strengthening becomes essential.

Targeted exercises under the guidance of a skilled physical therapist can help reinforce the muscles around the neck.

This not only relieves your discomfort but can also strengthen the neck against potential future injuries.

The focus is on creating a strong, flexible neck capable of withstanding the slopes.

Posture And Technique Correction

The slightest misalignment or poor posture can exponentially increase the risk of neck pain.

Physical therapy plays a crucial role in identifying and correcting this.

This isn’t about transforming one’s style but refining it.

The result?

A smoother ride, reduced strain on the neck, and the ability to relish the snowboarding experience fully, free from the dread of pain.

Sound good?

Are You Ready To Conquer Neck Pain After Snowboarding This Snow-Season?

Snow sports offer a thrill like no other, but you can’t truly enjoy them if your mind is concerned about getting injured.

Physical therapy plays a vital part in injury prevention for many top snow athletes including Shaun White and and Bode Miller.

At Sports Physical Therapy, our primary mission is to ensure everyone, from seasoned pros to enthusiastic novices, can embrace the thrill of winter sports without compromise.

We offer you the Free Sports Injury Assessment, an all-inclusive evaluation designed to provide you with hands-on advice with our skilled physical therapists.

This assessment allows Our expert team to understand your current issues, and offer tailored advice to maximize your potential.

If the snow-capped mountains are calling you, ensure you’re prepared.

Secure your Free Sports Injury Assessment at one of our five locations (BellevueEverettFactoriaKirkland and Lake Stevens) today! or call us at (425) 628-2031.

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