Trainer Category: Athletic Trainer

Alex Lam

Alex Lam, MSAT, ATC, LAT LOCATION: SPT-Everett I’m all about the beautiful game. Playing, coaching, watching, soccer is my thing. I am from Mukilteo, Washington. If I’m not kicking it on the field, then I’m grinding in the gym. Leg day is my favorite day without a doubt. I’ve traveled to many places, but I […]

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Scott Packebush

Scott Packebush, MATRN, LAT, ATC, CSCS LOCATION: SPT-Factoria Hello SPT family! My name is Scott Packebush, a California boy that has slowly crept his way up the PNW! Raised in Bakersfield, CA, I had to escape the heat and decided to move to the beach for a few years before ending up in Oregon for […]

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Savannah Mohazzabfar

Savannah Mohazzabfar, ATC, LAT, MSAT LOCATION: SPT-Bellevue I love soccer. Watching it, playing it, all of the above. I am originally from Bellevue, Washington. Grew up there with my parents and older sister Sabrina. She was my inspiration for becoming an Athletic Trainer. I love spending time with my friends and family in my free […]

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Andrew Spens

Andrew Spens, LAT, ATC LOCATION: SPT-Bellevue My name is Andrew Spens, I grew up in a military family so I’m technically a nomad, but I originate from Honolulu Hawaii. I received  my bachelor’s degree in athletic training from Washington State University. I am an avid sports fan and love to watch pretty much any of them. I […]

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Courtney Gray

Courtney Gray, LAT, ATC LOCATION: SPT-Everett My name is Courtney Gray and I’m originally from Rockford, IL. I obtained my bachelor’s in athletic training from the University of Vermont, where I swam D1 and still hold several school and conference records. I love being outside in the mountains and will use any excuse to spend […]

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