Personalize your Backpack fit

Personalize your backpack fit Children and adults alike use backpacks to carry their books, laptops, gear, and supplies throughout the day. Unfortunately, when used improperly, long-term side effects of using heavy bags continuously can result in poor posture and pain. Here are some tips to help practice proper backpack ergonomics to keep your body pain-free […]

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What To Do When Recovering From A Concussion

You’ve gotten hit in the head, and you are starting to feel the symptoms of what you think might be a concussion. It is a serious injury; you are unsure of the next steps, and you want to be able to identify the issue if it is indeed a concussion. In the United States alone, […]

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Student Athlete Netball Player

Training Recovery Tips For Student Athletes

If you’re looking for the best training recovery tips for student athletes, our physical therapy team have compiled some simple, but effective ways to help. As a student athlete, it can be very difficult to balance study, training, games and your social life and this can lead to more frequent injuries, bouts of sickness and […]

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