How To Relieve Lower Back Pain After Exercise Without Painkillers

Active Woman Exercising With Lower Back Pain

Do you love to exercise, but struggling with annoying lower back pain for days afterwards?

And are you frustrated with the standard advice you get from your doctor, friends and family – to rest and take painkillers.

Thankfully there is another way – which has worked for hundreds of our patients who are avid runners, lifters and athletes – which we will share in this blog.

You can discover how to relieve lower back pain after exercise without painkillers, and get back to working out worry-free.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain After Exercise

There are a wide variety of potential causes of lower back pain after exercise.

Sometimes it strikes when you are pushing for your fastest time on a run, or your biggest lift in the gym, and your body can’t quite handle this intensity.

Other times, lower back pain can occur as a result of too much exercise in a short space of time.

Then there are injuries where muscles, tendons and ligaments are damaged.

It’s very difficult to determine the causes of lower back pain after exercise yourself, but one helpful thing to do is to monitor what happens before the back pain…

Does it coincide with squatting in the gym?

Does it happen after you running more than 5K in distance?

Does it flare up when you are doing other activities such as driving lots during the week?

By looking for what happens before the lower back pain, you may be able to spot something you are doing which is causing the problem to get worse, or happen more often.

However, this can often take a long time to realise by yourself, and when you do identify the cause of your lower back pain after exercise, that’s only the beginning… because what do you do next to stop the pain coming back?

Natural Ways To Relieve Lower Back Pain After Exercise Without Painkillers

A lot of patients visit us because they want to relieve lower back pain and stop it coming back, but don’t want to rely on painkillers to do so.

Fear of the potential damaging side effects, and addictive nature of pill taking is widespread and Physical Therapy is a way to avoid this for many, and is becoming more and more popular each year.

Across our five locations (Bellevue, Everett, Factoria, Kirkland and Lake Stevens), our team can offer lower back pain relief and stop it coming back through natural methods.

If you are currently struggling with lower back pain after a run, weightlifting session or sports game, and it hasn’t gone away after a few days (or is getting worse or more frequent), there may be a more serious issue so we would recommend arranging your Free Back Pain Screening with a member of our expert team.

In the short term, and for some at-home lower back pain relief, our physical therapy team recommend these three strategies:

  1. Use an ice pack (or even bag of frozen peas) wrapped in a cloth or towel which can reduce pain and swelling
  2. Use a heat pack (or hot water bottle) wrapped in a cloth or towel which can relieve joint stiffness and muscle spasms
  1. Try to keep moving and avoid long periods of inactivity

If the pain doesn’t subside within a few days, this is a sign of something more severe which could be getting worse if left untreated.

The Fastest Way To Relieve Lower Back Pain After Exercise Without Painkillers

If you’ve suffering with agonising lower back pain that’s stopping you enjoying exercise, limiting your performance or just getting in the way of your daily life, we would love to invite you to a Free Back Pain Screening.

But hurry, we only have 6 Free Back Pain Screenings available due to extremely high demand for our physical therapy and sports rehabilitation services.

In this screening, our team can help you understand the cause of your back pain so you can end the anxiety and fear of the unknown.

You will also find out the best treatment options that would give you the quickest recovery time without painkillers, injections or surgery.

To arrange your Free Back Pain Screening, complete our online contact form in under 30 seconds or call our friendly team on (425) 628-2031.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, or a professional athlete, our team have worked with people just like you to end lower back pain without painkillers, and keep enjoying the exercise and sports they love.

Check out this review from Justin Veltung, former Wide Receiver for the Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams who we helped recover from a severe back pain injury:

“After injuring my back training, I could barely bend over to tie my shoes. After a month of therapy here at Sports Physical Therapy, I can say I am already back to almost 100%.”

For fast relief from lower back pain like Justin, call us now on (425) 628-2031.

Other Helpful Ways To Stay Active And Exercise Pain-Free

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